Friday, July 21, 2006

Car Fun

A while ago I bought some clear AU Falcon lenses and amber globes off eBay to replace my amber lenses and clear globes. Yes, it is some fickle car nerd/enthusiast stuff, but I had broken one lense so I thought why not do a little bit of fashion modifying. By 'fashion' I mean purely aesthetic trends, compared to say the performance oriented variable-length manifold modification I was planning to do last year but got cold feet cause of lack of space/cash/priorities.

I had waited until after my meeting today to do it. Something as a kind of reward for a good meeting, and for getting my first cycle of sending a complete chapter and getting it back after 3.5 years.

Although I am seriously considering (ie just stopping myself) for going completely crazy and upgrading my 17" CRT moniter for something nerdilicious like a 20"+ widescreen LCD. I figure that considering I spend at least 8 hours a day in front of this thing I want something I can look at and go "That is totally cool!" Yes, a purely affective thing, nothing to do with my vision. Sort of like what pot plants are meant to do in cubicle offices. I am only considering this because for the first time in ages I have some cash, but I know that I won't have much cash soon!!!!

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